What I Got For Christmas 2017 !

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First of all,

Hello Everyone!

A very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from me! (Sorry)

Wow, has it been that long, my bad, I’m sorry for disappearing for a while. It wasn’t intentional, I promise. Christmas is one of those times where I don’t really know how to feel, except just to spend time with family, friends and remember the reason why we celebrate Christmas. I have kind of accepted that I’m getting older and presents wont come as easily to me anymore, being an adult (Lol). I enjoy Christmas mostly because my whole family comes together and its just beautiful, great vibes, great laughs and most importantly great food!

Although it took me a while, to get into the Christmas spirit this year I managed to make it the best it could be for myself. I made sure, I to give back to my loved ones in the different ways that I could, as this year was a very tough one for us all. Doing this made me feel better and happier about Christmas. I guess that’s what its all about. I’ve realised that “its the thought that counts” which matters to people the most.

Some people tend to think that they have to spend a huge amount on presents or gifts for people, when really its all about how it will and can benefit other people. There’s so many ways that you can give back and it doesn’t just have to be during Christmas, just implement it as a daily habit. This year, I really had little to no expectations with gifts or what I’d get for Christmas, I was more stressed about finding gifts for everyone else than I was any thing else.

But I was surprised and grateful, by the gifts that I received this year. They were all presents that I love and see myself hugely invested in!

So without further ado, I will share all the details of my Christmas gifts for 2017!

(Disclaimer: I am not bragging or showing off of any sort, I was just really happy and grateful for the little things!)

Victoria's Secret Champagne Glow & Golden Bloom Fragrance Mist

Victoria’s Secret Champagne Glow & Golden Bloom Fragrance Mist

One of the things, I love to receive as a gift is perfume, even though its quite a popular gift. Its one of those things that people genuinely need and like to have. I for one is not really a big perfume/fragrance spender, but I do like to invest in a few good scents when I can. Likewise, we all want to smell incredible, so receiving this or any fragrance as a gift is quite lovely. This one was given to me by Mum!. I’m more of a sweet scented perfume lover, mainly because the strong scents tend to irritate my nose lol. I would definitely recommend these two scents as they are quite sweet, but not over the top. They are also quite portable and easy to carry around which I love. Thanks Mum.

Simple Straight GOLD Straightening Brush

This gift was EVERYTHING to me! One of the things I hate doing is straigtening my hair, I just usually avoid it at all costs or just leave my hair in its natural state. But to be gifted one of these was an ultimate lifesaver as I can now brush and go (lol)! This was by far the best thing I got this year as I had been meaning to purchase one myself, but had no idea, which would be the best brand to go for! I’m a tech lover so adding one these to my beauty tech collection was just amazing!

I would highly recommend this product if you are one that is quite busy and on the go, who struggles to get their hair straight in a rush. I have tested it out and I love it. I expected it to get hotter than 165/185 degrees, but it still works very well never the less. It’s probably a good thing that it doesn’t get too hot, in order for your hair to be protected from heat damage. As a person who is not really a fan of using straighteners for their natural hair, I would recommend opting for this as its easy to use and enables your hair to still have some fullness to it (I am not a fan of flat hair lol).

This was given to me by my auntie, Thanks Auntie.

A few pictures to show you the results on my natural hair! (PS: Snapchat filters make me look cute)

Star by Julia McDonald Velvet Biker Jacket

When I saw this jacket my first reaction was “this is so me!”. I have been searching for a new biker jacket either suede or velvet, over the course of this winter, but couldn’t find one that was unique and different from all the rest. I love the fact that this one is velvet because I’m a huge velvet fan! It seems to be very warm and stylish to go with many of my outfits! Amazing piece from the Julia Mcdonald Collection! This was gifted by my Sister, Thank you!

Amazing Chocolate Workshop

Can you guys believe this is chocolate?! I was kind of shocked myself lol, This was such a cute gift and thoughtful knowing how much I love food and only tend to crave chocolate during the time of the month lol. I have not yet opened it because I just love looking at it! But when I do I’ll probably have to share this one with a few people!

Thanks again Auntie!

Oral-B Pro 650 by Braun – Sensitive Teeth Electronic Toothbrush

Last but not least, I’ve wanted to join the electric toothbrush club for a while now and I finally did! It has been a great investment for me, I absolutely love it! I decided to gift this one to myself as I have been eyeing it for a long while now. The dentist also recommends using an electric toothbrush as well.

I have struggled over the years to find a way to brush my teeth in a way that causes no harm but as a result, still ended up with sensitive teeth. If you are similar, why not test it out and see if you’d like one for yourself too!

And that comes to an end…

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and the interesting gifts I got this year, as I have always read these types of posts but never written one for myself, Hopefully this gives you some idea of future gift ideas for other occasions coming up!

Until my next post!

Bose x

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