Style Statement: The Fur Gilet

in Fashion  •  March 12, 2016

Today, we talk about the awesomeness of ‘FAUX FUR’, judging from the trends of the A/W season, Faux Fur has been in the books a lot at this rate. I’ve become a lover of this trend as it just gives your style the ‘UMPH’ it needs. After rummaging through many different clothes stores, online boutiques such as: River Island, Missguided, Pretty Little Thing, Boohoo and Zara (LOL listed the whole mall there, I’m sure you get what I mean now). I finally came across this gorgeous piece from (YES, ASOS!). Anyways, I was very pleased that they had my size as this was ordered right after the January Sales at a bargain too! After finding this beautiful piece, I struggled to find something in my wardrobe to pair with it, but somewhat knew it needed to involve my new knee highs! After searching over the web and my own wardrobe I managed to put together this simple but casual outfit:

Haha, my little slip up there was taken in the beautiful heart of Notting Hill Gate. It was an awful hassle getting a good picture in the middle of their ‘White House Roads’ (what i like to call it) as so many cars and vehicles were passing by. The scenery caught my attention, I’ve always dreamed and lived for white Victorian houses, one of my favourite features of London. This was an ideal location for this shoot as it just emphasized the sophisticated, classy look I was going for.

However, (back to the topic, haha) the fur gilet was a great choice to pair with such a simple outfit; because of how put together it looked. I can’t describe how warm, cosy and snug, I was the whole day, it felt like I was lying on fur (haha). This was definitely a great buy from ASOS. I paired this statement with an ‘All black’ outfit which consisted of a loose chiffon long sleeve blouse from H&M (bought about a year ago), plain black high-waisted jeans from Primark and these gorgeous, comfy knee highs from (thanks to my sister’s Christmas present!).

After shooting for this blog post I headed out with a couple of my flatmates (bloggers too!). Hence, why I got so dolled up and eventually headed to Duck and Waffle for some Fine dining and Drinks.

I really enjoyed shooting this outfit and I hope you enjoyed my first outfit blog post!, the next one will be up soon. Take care and have a beautiful day loves!

Love From,

 Bose x