The Nude.

On days, weeks or months where you’ve been feeling so ‘bummy’ and not in the mood to get that face beat or put on a cute outfit, this was the day that made the transition to feeling good again.

I think every girl goes through a low moment where they just don’t feel themselves, anxiety is kicking in or you’re simply just stressed out. I made it a plan to find an evening where I could actually get dressed up and take some good pictures for once. I feel like I’m always rushing when I’m out so I barely get to take as much outfit pictures as I want when I do make the effort to look good.

I always feel good in a cute little dress, whether it’s flaunting my collarbones with a Bardot style or showing off my legs. This nude number did just that! Complimenting my skin, legs and collarbones. I have to be honest its quite hard to find dresses or tops for figures like mine. Because I’m larger chested always tend to opt for loose-fitting things because I feel most comfortable in them. But this one worked out pretty well, although finding the right lingerie for this was so hard! I just opted for Adhesive Nipple covers in the end, which did absolutely nothing :(. Luckily I was carefree on that day so I didn’t mind much about how my body looked.

I purchased it a while ago in the H&M sale and it’s literally been sitting in my wardrobe waiting for an occasion. Its great quality with an incredibly soft material. I would say that it can be quite see-through, which you can clearly see as my nipples are saying hello to the world.

I decided to wear it on a girly night out to dinner and a few drinks. It’s a free-flowing Bardot dress that complimented my figure well, I don’t have much of ‘coco cola’ shaped body so dresses like this give me that illusion of it.

I paired it with some heels from New Look. They are a pink nude colour, which went so well with the look I was trying to achieve. As of recently, I’m more inclined to wear block heels because of how comfortable they are I don’t usually wear heels often but when I do I make sure they complement my outfit nicely.

I would have included the links to these pieces here but they aren’t in stock anymore. However, I would recommend looking at Missguided, PrettyLittleThing and New Look for something similar.

Hope you enjoyed this little OOTD.

Outfit Details:

Dress : H&M

Shoes : New Look

Accessories : Primark

Love From, Bose

The Realities of Life After Graduating…

Hello again!

I come to you as a Woman Lol (I joke). A blog post has been pending but writer’s block has seriously been stopping me, lately. But I’m here now, I don’t know where this post is gonna lead to but a few things have been kicking off lately.

Let’s talk about graduate life…So I’ve literally been applying non-stop since July, been to a few, but not many interviews. The struggle is that everyone expects you to have experience! I’m fresh out of university looking to, GAIN EXPERIENCE and I get told I need to have experience. Okay. Well, this was not what I anticipated.

I mean I wasn’t even keen on looking for unpaid internships but it’s become an option. I’m so ready to get stuck in and learn a lot about my career. However, the requirements sometimes, are out of this world. I’ll probably sound like I’m babbling on right now but it’s true.

You never know how badly you want something when it feels like you can’t have it. But the underlying factor of this is making sure you PERSEVERE! I’ve put my mind on applying every day without fail. Even if it’s just one job, Its something! The number of rejections I’ve had is devastating but that little voice in the back of my head just says, “Bose that’s not the job for you, keep going!”. Once I put my mind to something I GET RESULTS!

Just had my interview with Vivienne Westwood yesterday and It was literally the best interview I’ve ever had, I’ve never felt so free and confident before. I prepared, I knew a lot about the company, but I love how they made it more about me, my motivations and my experiences. Rather than testing me! Must give a shout out to the team at Vivienne Westwood.

I woke up this morning in awe of the email I got stating that I’ve been offered the position! I was over the moon! *Inserts Track – Post Malone – Congratulations* I must say this is God! Giving me the willingness to push through even when things are tough!

I’m not even writing this post to boast about my opportunity but I was thinking of this post for a while now and I was Just about to write about the struggles of how hard it has been and the realities of Graduate Life… So I hope some of this post will inspire and motivate you guys to pursue whatever you want!

So let’s move on to… LIFE AFTER UNIVERSITY WITH NO STUDENT FINANCE. Let me tell you the BROKE life is real after university unless you have secured that salary job, times are really hard out here. I mean, I’m working during the weekends but that’s not even enough, I’m grateful to even have a job but the fact that it’s not in the field I want is a total bummer.

I think that’s another thing that drives my motivation! I wanna keep moving up no matter how hard or long it’s gonna take like I said DON’T GET COMFORTABLE WITH BEING COMFORTABLE.

Don’t get me wrong the competence and demand out there is so crazy right now it can put people off. But you can and You will, There is something out there for everyone and we just have to put our mind to it!

One thing they don’t tell you is that not everyone has their shit together once they Graduate, A couple of us are still here trying to find ourselves. And honestly, that’s Okay…To be honest just because you have graduated don’t feel the pressure of having to get into something for the sake of it. Find out your true passion and pursue it! Its so easy to say let me just get this job because I need money now, but honestly whatever is for you will eventually come to you, just believe in it!

I could probably ramble on more but, I think you already get the gist ha ha! Sooo….

To sum up this post, the moral of the story is… I’ve learned that “All That Glitters Is Not Gold” likewise “Being a graduate is really not what you think it is”! It is what you make it…I always underestimated the fact that Life after University is hard but I believe it now.

I really hope you understood where I was coming from In this post and I hope to get through to one or maybe even two of you, who have read this post!

Let me know some of the things you have learned about similar scenarios, I would love to know down in the comments section!

Outfit Details

Top, Sunglasses & Earrings – Primark

Jeans (I rolled up) – Next

Shoes – New Look

Love From, Bose x

St James Club Morgan Bay Resort, Saint Lucia

Diamond Waterfalls

Hello Everyone,

Its been the longest time and I sincerely apologise…

As some of you may know I have recently flown out to one of my home countries ‘Saint Lucia’. My mother is Saint Lucian, raised in such a beautiful island. I’ve taken a few trips down there before but never have I experienced it as much as I did this time around. The experience was beyond my expectations and far from what I could have imagined. I was able to share this with my family and my lovely boyfriend, which was our first holiday together, so we were pretty excited as this was like a reward from all the stress we have been put through in university.

We stayed at the beautiful St James Club Morgan Bay Resort in Choc, close to the capital – Castries and the town Rodney Bay. The package we went for was all inclusive as we didn’t really want to spend so much money elsewhere, on food and drink. This had its pros and cons, as we realised that we wanted to try different food other than in the resort, which we did eventually did, but not to the extent we wanted. However, the pros outweighed the cons because we enjoyed waking up in the morning and having the option of trying up to 6 different restaurants in the hotel.

They even had a coffee shop! This was another great feature as it reminded me of Starbucks (which If you know me well, I absolutely love!). I was constantly having hot chocolate, ice tea and frappuccinos (UNLIMITED)! I was so addicted, hence why I put on so much weight lol!

Luckily, they had a range of activities to keep active and burn off those calories after you eat. From a tennis court to gym, to yoga, water aerobics (you name it!) they had it all!

The first week was full of fun packed activities:

  • Watersports: Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Tour Boat Ride, Snorkelling, Water Skiing and the Amazing Banana Boat.

  • Sulphur Springs: which is commonly described as a mud bath where you immerse yourself in sulphur from the volcano! As you can see in the picture below (Don’t worry it doesn’t erupt, it has been inactive for many years lol)

  • Tour Boat Ride: the tour took us to the most amazing attractions within St Lucia even to a new resort called Sugar Beach, is one the most expensive resorts on the island. Which was then followed on with snorkelling and heading to Diamond Waterfalls, topped off with a cute brunch in one of Soufriere’s Mountains. The boat ride was organised by a company recommended by the hotel called ‘Joy Cruise‘ They definitely gave us the time of our lives by accommodating us so well, from brunch to having rum punch on the boat which eventually led to a super fun boat party!

The best bit of this excursion was jumping off the boat in the middle of nowhere. I finally faced my fears and swam in what I call the deepest part of the ocean.

I would definitely recommend utilising as many excursions as possible to keep active every day. Our trip was filled with activities to the point where a lay-in was impossible, we were up early from 7/8 am every day. The resort also provides unlimited access to water sports as it is inclusive in your stay. The only thing we paid for was jet skiing (which was also worth the thrill).

Another highlight was the Groselet Street Party (Jump Up) every Friday night. This was so fun as they played a wide range of different music, with food and drink stalls alongside some live entertainment. It was quite interesting to experience, as we got to the party and get down like the locals, almost like a mini street carnival. There were also quite a few tourists so you wouldn’t feel intimidated or out of place.

The hotel usually has entertainment going on every night which consisted of live bands (who were actually pretty good), karaoke and the most popular, beach party on a Wednesday night. The Beach Party was another highlight to this trip as I’ve never experienced such an event before. It was beyond beautiful. The bonfires on the beach with a sunset view while you eat, drink, dance and enjoy the vibe. It’s definitely one not to miss when staying at the resort.

Most especially I can’t miss out the spectacular sunsets every night at the hotel’s private beach. I can’t even exaggerate, I’ve never seen a sunset so beautiful in my life lol!. To see this, head over to my Instagram, I posted while I was out there!

Beach Party Bonfire

Overall, you can tell that I had a swell time at this resort and would recommend it to anyone when visiting Saint Lucia as it was worth every penny we paid. We absolutely loved it. I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted to of the resort itself, but I hope to put out some more content on this trip soon. This has been quite a long post but I just thought that I would share some of my experiences with you whilst on my trip. There are more posts to come so be sure to stay tuned and keep posted!

Outfit details:

Khaki Swimsuit – H&M

Sunglasses – Primark

African Print Dress – Somewhere online, my mum bought it for me

Sandals – Primark

Ruffle top – H&M (last year)

Shorts – River Island

Converse – Primark