2018 Goals: 10 Ways to Self-Love.

I could have easily given myself New Years resolutions this year, but I found something that works for me and habits I’ve implemented every day.

I’ve been reflecting on last year and how I overcame obstacles that occurred in the previous year. One of the things that came to mind was self-love.


Last year I went through and experienced a lot mentally, physically and emotionally. I saw a change in myself and my personality. I had a lot of doubts and low self-esteem (although sometimes I project otherwise). I became really low during university last year and even towards the end of last year. I just had thoughts that would come and go. Being the over-thinker that I am is very unhealthy at times because I could just drift off into my thoughts, sometimes even in the mist of hanging out with friends.

Towards the last year of university, I became more to myself and most times alone. Preferred my own space and company. I drifted apart from some friends during university, which kind of set my mood back a bit. I just wasn’t prepared for it or for that kind of experience, it was more confusing. Not like primary school days where you have little disagreements like “I’m not your friend anymore” but 10 minutes later you’re friends again. It was awkward and strange because you’re older now and you actually have to come to terms with it. Lol.

How I dealt with/overcame it?

Through all of this, I managed to keep myself distracted by working out at the gym whilst at university and focusing on my final year projects/exams. Even though it was hard to concentrate at times, I got used to it and it became a distraction. It then hit me once I was graduating again that “wow. I can literally count everyone I call a “friend” on one hand.”

What did I learn?

I have to say from this experience I learnt that I cannot please everyone by doing what is expected or the norm. But I wanted to be open and free to do as I please (of course not upsetting anyone in the process). Not to mention, I did doubt myself and what I did to lose the friends I thought I had, but I realised that I actually gave everyone the same love that I would give to anyone, I take the word “friend” very seriously. I used to, try to please or make everyone happy, which can be counterproductive, because like I said you cannot please everyone.

How I’m going to embark on making a change?

This is why I have chosen to dedicate this year 2018, to myself and giving myself the love that I gave and lost. At least I think I owe it to myself.

  1. Meditate/Pray (I incorporate both)
  2. Read more books! (The People Factor by Van Moody is a good one, especially for relationships and friendships)
  3. Go on walks, Clear your mind
  4. Network meet new people (I’m loving attending workshops, especially when they’re about digital marketing or empowerment) download Meetups or Eventbrite
  5. Journalling (Five Minutes In The Morning, The Focus Journal) I got mine from Anthropologie thanks to Micah and Lizzie!
  6. Pamper Myself (Get my nails done/my hair)
  7. Treat Myself (with FOOD of course or a new piece of clothing or a book, whatever tickles your fancy) I take myself to eat as well and hang out with friends. This helps me to come out of my thoughts, be myself and appreciate the people I do have around me.
  8. Blog more, Post More, Shoot more! This gives me a boost of confidence and just makes me want to push myself to be the best version of myself. Putting out content is one of the things that make me happy and really gives me an outlet to showcase a talent or two.
  9. AFFIRMATIONS! I can’t stress this enough, it’s hard, I’m still learning myself tbh but you need to compliment yourself! I remember when I used to think a compliment should only come from someone else, but, that’s not true. You also need to give yourself credit and praise yourself for being you and what you have achieved.
  10. Travel/Explore – Hopefully to travel more and experience new cultures and invest time into the things I love!

Overall I would definitely have to say positivity and perseverance have helped me through the hardest of times I’ve faced. I believe in spreading and affirming positivity into your life as what you do put out into this world will manifest. So amongst all these things I’ve listed, LEARN to train yourself to be as POSITIVE as ever. Even when it’s hard. (Trust me I know, how hard this is) but once it becomes a habit you will appreciate it more.

I really hope this will help you, to conquer the year and start right! As these things have really helped me, I’ve implemented most of them (as you may have noticed), but my aim is to travel more!

I would honestly travel the world and just try new food all day long and review hotels for a living lol. Maybe someday…

Disclaimer: I’m just being real and honest about what I’ve felt and gone through, hopefully, this helps someone!

Let me know if you have any questions or anything, also send through any topics or content you would like to see soon. Drop them in the comments or email!

Outfit Details

Coat – New Look

Bag – Zara

Knee High Boots – Select Fashion

“Eating out is a waste of money” – Ping Pong, Carnaby Street

I beg to differ…

There are some people who really appreciate food and different cultures. I’ve come across a lot who that say “eating out is a waste of money”, “why get a takeaway, when you can make food at home?”. Okay, I guess in some cases you can save your coins, but there is no harm in treating yourself at least a few times in a month, everyday is when you’re overdoing it, but hey, some people love that lifestyle.

For me, that’s not the case, but everyone has their own opinion I guess. But there are a few benefits of having a cheeky take out.

  1. You get to experience different cultures and tastes of food.
  2. You get the inspiration of trying new things with your own food at home – this is a big one for me because I love to cook, so trying new food and experimenting is my favourite part of dining out.
  3. Apart from the “insta-grammable” pleasures of dining out, its gives a sense of treating yourself to a good meal and being served at the same time.
  4. Food brings people together!
  5. Lunch Deals!! If a restaurant you have wanted to go to for a while, is way out of your budget or you just want to get a good discount on the dish you’ve been eyeing for while. Try opting for a lunch deal, if the restaurant has one.
  6. Make use of HAPPY HOUR, you could get a drink that costs over £10 (normally) for the price of £4/5 or just half price.
  7. If you’re a foodie like me, trying new restaurants is basically my hobby. Food is everywhere, you don’t necessarily have to visit a restaurant but there are so many food markets, food stalls to also try which can be inexpensive. (Sidenote: I’m yet to visit a Christmas food market this year, to see what the hype is about, I’ll let you know how that goes).
  8. Eat, dine and drink as much as you want and don’t feel bad about it! (Just make sure you kill those calories off later with whatever suits you!
  9. Spend wisely, start off small, with restaurants that are easily affordable and work your way up to the expensive ones, or if you like save up to treat yourself to the lavish, 5* meals! 💕

I’ve always heard of Ping Pong, but never knew what kind of food they served. I thought it would be something like Thai or Japanese. I decided to try it out with a friend whilst we were catching up and spending the day, Black Friday shopping. This was a lovely way to end our day of shopping because we managed to get a good lunch deal which included a starter, main and a drink for under £20! The portions were incredible ! I was so satisfied with the whole meal that I couldn’t even finish the noodles I ordered.

Meal Details

Starter: Crispy Duck Spring Rolls £5.35 (My favourite) – If you love Crispy duck pancakes and Hoisin Sauce you would absolutely love this bite.

Main: Chicken Sa Cha Noodles £8.45 – This was really nice and filling but it could have done with a bit more spice, (that is very rare coming from me) since I don’t really like hot/pepper dishes, but this one was certainly missing something.

Drink: Passion fruit Lemonade £3.35 – This drink was amazing! So tangy but beautiful with the passion fruit syrup. It definitely quenches your thirst and leaves you wanting more, The amount you get for the price is brilliant too!

Overall, would I recommend this restaurant? YES, Certainly! It was definitely worth my coins! The portions were beyond my expectations and the price points were fab! I would rate this experience an 8/10. Mainly because the main I ordered lacked some flavor but everything else was great, including the customer service!


Love From, Bose

The Bloggers Brunch – BloggersAreUS

Today I share with you an event that I was so happy to be invited to thanks to Bloggers Are Us. It was a lovely time meeting and discovering bloggers just like myself in such a peaceful but warm setting. We were able to attend a cosy little restaurant in the heart of Chiswick called Annie’s Restaurant.

It was interesting and unusual being in a different part of London. I have driven past the area before but never got to spend time there. I really enjoyed visiting the area. Its quite serene and very cottage/vintage like with cute shops and cafes (Not the best at describing but you get the drift).

(Oh yes, apologies in advance if my pictures are a bit grainy. Most of these shots were taken on my iPhone 7.)

I ordered a lovely Full Monty Traditional Breakfast with a Mimosa/Bucks Fizz (Champagne with Orange Juice), Yes I was drinking at early hours of the day! LoL, it was lovely though. I would say that everyone’s meals looked absolutely delicious and the portions were extremely generous. As you guys know, I love food so my face lit up when I saw my plate coming to me. I would definitely recommend if you are in the area. Its a great setting for brunch or cute little dates with friends or a special someone.

For me, it was quite far, As it is based in West London and I’m from North London. So I guess I’ll only be visiting again when I need to. Chiswick is a beautiful area though, so if you happen to be there, take a walk around and discover. Wish I got the chance to do a bit more exploring but I had worked on that day.

I met some amazing bloggers which I will try to add into this post below. It was certainly lovely engaging with people who have similar intentions and minds to you. We played a few games which I surprisingly happened to win by guessing John Boyega in Star Wars, Lucky me won an extra goody bag Haha. Bose can’t say no to food now can she!

In these lovely goody bags were a few treats from:

Candy Kittens:


Vieve Drinks:


Ape Snacks:


Be Sure to check them out as they have wonderful vegan bites and snacks you may love. I was quite a fan of Candy Kittens Vegan Sweets.

I’m proud to say that I really enjoyed my time at this event and hopefully looking forward to attending more. They are having a Christmas Edition if any of you #bloggerminds are interested check it out here:

From BloggersAreUs:

“We are really keen on making it bigger and better than last year. We are also raising money for Young Minds, who raise awareness and support mental health in children and young people. We would love for you to join us!”


(Oh and just to inform you, this is not sponsored or anything. I just love and support the cause!)

Bloggers Instagrams! (As Promised)









Love From, Bose x

How to ‘Fine Dine’ on a budget – Shaka Zulu !

Shaka Zulu

I’m so excited for this post, I’ve always wanted to share my food experiences with you guys. I love fashion, travelling and all that good stuff but I love food so much. I love to cook as well which is why, I think I love trying out various dishes. Although eating out can really shatter your bank account if you’re not careful, I believe that its a worthwhile thing, if you are one to take risks and try new things. Trying new food is one of the things that inspires my cooking and what I feed my body.

I don’t know about you but I get so bored of eating the same thing over and over again. So today I’m gonna feed you guys with some of the things I have used to get a great deal out of my money and dining out for less. Here it goes…

How to have a three-course meal on a budget

So I had been so eager to take myself out to eat somewhere new just had no clue where and how to find a deal for a three course meal. But never had the chance to or never knew where to find the best deals for them. It can be hard to dine out when you’re on a budget, but fret no more! I have have found two sites where I have come across some good deals.

So, I’m guessing everyone and their mums know about Wowcher and Groupon, well yeah, that website that you can get deals for almost everything. Yep, you’re right. Well they also have restaurant deals where you can sometimes get a meal and a drink included for a great price. On this occasion I opted for a nice South African meal at Shaka Zulu and Let me tell you! , it definitely hit the right spot. Everything was just so mouthwatering.


I love cocktails and our meal came with one which was awesome. I had to purchase another one myself because they where so good. But one thing I would criticize was the fact that it didn’t have enough alcohol. They were really sweet and pretty much tasted like juice.

If I remember correctly I ordered the Secret Forest cocktail for my meal and the one I purchased included rum and passion fruit but I can’t actually find or remember the name of it but I’ll try to insert a picture. They were both so nice and refreshing, but definitely could of done with some more alcohol.

Shaka Zulu Cocktails , Secret Forest


Peri Peri Wings with spicy tomato sauce – It was really succulent and seasoned impressively well, great portion as well, I didn’t have it with the sauce on the side, I asked for ketchup instead. I’m just not a fan of creamy sauces lol.


The BBQ wings with Peri Peri fries – Again this was very succulent, well seasoned and the portion was amazing, I couldn’t even finish it all because I wanted to leave room for dessert.


Melktert – If I am correct I think that’s what its called. I’m not one to get desserts whenever I eat out mainly because I always tend to see desserts that contain so much chocolate (which i’m clearly not a fan of, but we’ll save that for another day) . But this dessert was so BOMB! I was amazed, it was recommended by the waitress. I have to be honest, I was a bit scared because of what its called, but it was so delicious. It had quite a fruity but creamy texture to it. In my opinion it definitely mimics a cheesecake. (If you know me, I absolutely love cheesecake)


It was truly one of the best meals I’ve had and so filling. I really would recommend visiting this restaurant once at least when you’re in or around London (Camden Town, to be precise)

I have included the link to the deal here, if you’re interested: https://www.groupon.co.uk/deals/shaka-zulu-2

Some other sites where you can find restaurants for reasonable prices or just some dinner date inspiration for a cute date with your girls, a fancy night out with the lads, an intimate evening with bae or even just a special occasion, are all listed down below:







Hope you enjoyed this one and be sure to share some restaurants you have visited, which you would recommend! Or let me know if you tried out Shaka Zulu !=D

Love From,

Bose x

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The Nude.

On days, weeks or months where you’ve been feeling so ‘bummy’ and not in the mood to get that face beat or put on a cute outfit, this was the day that made the transition to feeling good again.

I think every girl goes through a low moment where they just don’t feel themselves, anxiety is kicking in or you’re simply just stressed out. I made it a plan to find an evening where I could actually get dressed up and take some good pictures for once. I feel like I’m always rushing when I’m out so I barely get to take as much outfit pictures as I want when I do make the effort to look good.

I always feel good in a cute little dress, whether it’s flaunting my collarbones with a Bardot style or showing off my legs. This nude number did just that! Complimenting my skin, legs and collarbones. I have to be honest its quite hard to find dresses or tops for figures like mine. Because I’m larger chested always tend to opt for loose-fitting things because I feel most comfortable in them. But this one worked out pretty well, although finding the right lingerie for this was so hard! I just opted for Adhesive Nipple covers in the end, which did absolutely nothing :(. Luckily I was carefree on that day so I didn’t mind much about how my body looked.

I purchased it a while ago in the H&M sale and it’s literally been sitting in my wardrobe waiting for an occasion. Its great quality with an incredibly soft material. I would say that it can be quite see-through, which you can clearly see as my nipples are saying hello to the world.

I decided to wear it on a girly night out to dinner and a few drinks. It’s a free-flowing Bardot dress that complimented my figure well, I don’t have much of ‘coco cola’ shaped body so dresses like this give me that illusion of it.

I paired it with some heels from New Look. They are a pink nude colour, which went so well with the look I was trying to achieve. As of recently, I’m more inclined to wear block heels because of how comfortable they are I don’t usually wear heels often but when I do I make sure they complement my outfit nicely.

I would have included the links to these pieces here but they aren’t in stock anymore. However, I would recommend looking at Missguided, PrettyLittleThing and New Look for something similar.

Hope you enjoyed this little OOTD.

Outfit Details:

Dress : H&M

Shoes : New Look

Accessories : Primark

Love From, Bose

The Realities of Life After Graduating…

Hello again!

I come to you as a Woman Lol (I joke). A blog post has been pending but writer’s block has seriously been stopping me, lately. But I’m here now, I don’t know where this post is gonna lead to but a few things have been kicking off lately.

Let’s talk about graduate life…So I’ve literally been applying non-stop since July, been to a few, but not many interviews. The struggle is that everyone expects you to have experience! I’m fresh out of university looking to, GAIN EXPERIENCE and I get told I need to have experience. Okay. Well, this was not what I anticipated.

I mean I wasn’t even keen on looking for unpaid internships but it’s become an option. I’m so ready to get stuck in and learn a lot about my career. However, the requirements sometimes, are out of this world. I’ll probably sound like I’m babbling on right now but it’s true.

You never know how badly you want something when it feels like you can’t have it. But the underlying factor of this is making sure you PERSEVERE! I’ve put my mind on applying every day without fail. Even if it’s just one job, Its something! The number of rejections I’ve had is devastating but that little voice in the back of my head just says, “Bose that’s not the job for you, keep going!”. Once I put my mind to something I GET RESULTS!

Just had my interview with Vivienne Westwood yesterday and It was literally the best interview I’ve ever had, I’ve never felt so free and confident before. I prepared, I knew a lot about the company, but I love how they made it more about me, my motivations and my experiences. Rather than testing me! Must give a shout out to the team at Vivienne Westwood.

I woke up this morning in awe of the email I got stating that I’ve been offered the position! I was over the moon! *Inserts Track – Post Malone – Congratulations* I must say this is God! Giving me the willingness to push through even when things are tough!

I’m not even writing this post to boast about my opportunity but I was thinking of this post for a while now and I was Just about to write about the struggles of how hard it has been and the realities of Graduate Life… So I hope some of this post will inspire and motivate you guys to pursue whatever you want!

So let’s move on to… LIFE AFTER UNIVERSITY WITH NO STUDENT FINANCE. Let me tell you the BROKE life is real after university unless you have secured that salary job, times are really hard out here. I mean, I’m working during the weekends but that’s not even enough, I’m grateful to even have a job but the fact that it’s not in the field I want is a total bummer.

I think that’s another thing that drives my motivation! I wanna keep moving up no matter how hard or long it’s gonna take like I said DON’T GET COMFORTABLE WITH BEING COMFORTABLE.

Don’t get me wrong the competence and demand out there is so crazy right now it can put people off. But you can and You will, There is something out there for everyone and we just have to put our mind to it!

One thing they don’t tell you is that not everyone has their shit together once they Graduate, A couple of us are still here trying to find ourselves. And honestly, that’s Okay…To be honest just because you have graduated don’t feel the pressure of having to get into something for the sake of it. Find out your true passion and pursue it! Its so easy to say let me just get this job because I need money now, but honestly whatever is for you will eventually come to you, just believe in it!

I could probably ramble on more but, I think you already get the gist ha ha! Sooo….

To sum up this post, the moral of the story is… I’ve learned that “All That Glitters Is Not Gold” likewise “Being a graduate is really not what you think it is”! It is what you make it…I always underestimated the fact that Life after University is hard but I believe it now.

I really hope you understood where I was coming from In this post and I hope to get through to one or maybe even two of you, who have read this post!

Let me know some of the things you have learned about similar scenarios, I would love to know down in the comments section!

Outfit Details

Top, Sunglasses & Earrings – Primark

Jeans (I rolled up) – Next

Shoes – New Look

Love From, Bose x

The Year of Growth, 21 ! – My Birthday

Off The Shoulder Summer Dress

As some of you may know, I’m Born in the month of July, 21st to be precise. You’re probably wondering what star sign I fall into, well I’m a Cancer lol, (yeah, I know I’m not a fan of the whole cancer thing myself ha-ha lol). Where do I start? Being 20 was an eye-opener in itself. I learned a lot transitioning from my teens.

For my 21st, I anticipated having a party to celebrate all my achievements this year and just to have a good damn time. However, the whole planning idea of it got really overwhelming for me and eventually, I just gave up and decided to go with the flow, or whatever happens that day.

Turning 21 has made me deal with a lot of challenges that you normally face being an adult, but I think I really underestimated what they could be. I’m still learning although, I may not be perfect everything happens for a reason, which I’m yet to find out…

Hilton Hotel Canary WharfAfternoon Tea
















I thought I’d fill you in with my birthday activities and what I got up to. I was literally just going to ‘Wing it!’, however, my girls insisted that I did something at least so they managed to arrange, afternoon tea at The Hilton Hotel in Canary Wharf. So, we ended up getting rather dolled up and shooting for our blogs and having cute brunch in the heart of London. If you know me I cannot resist food so I was really looking forward to this as it is one on my bucket list.

Our experience at Hilton was exquisite, the waitress was so kind and acknowledged that it was my birthday. We had a three-tiered tray of Sandwiches, Desserts, and Scones with a selection of different teas. I had a whole tray to myself ha-ha because there were only three of us. I could even finish it as it was a portion for two people. You do get a good value for money though. However, the sandwiches were quite plain and every dessert was too sweet so you get a bit put off if you don’t have too much of a sweet tooth.

They gave me a slice of chocolate cake with a ‘happy birthday’ on it to celebrate my birthday, of course. It was cute, although I’m not a fan of chocolate lol (yeah, I know, weird, right?). Overall, I had a lovely day out and would certainly spend some more time at the Hilton Hotel (maybe a Spa next?) ha-ha lol.

My outfit was inspired by my holiday, I had a dress I planned to wear in Saint Lucia but never got the chance to. It’s a lovely dress, so elegant, flowy and comfortable. It ties in great with my style because I’m starting to love loose fitting pieces as opposed to very fitted items. As I think it makes my figure appear more flattering. The Pros of this dress was that I ordered it from eBay! Amazing right and guess how much? … £10 YAS lol. It’s amazing I just stumbled across it on the hunt for some Boho inspired summer dresses (preferably, off the shoulder). Now they sell the same thing in New Look for over £20.

My shoes were ever so unfortunate because they killed my feet that day. It was one of the ones, where you just have to wear it for like 5 minutes to get a picture and change into flats straight away. They look ever so pretty but aren’t worth struggling in. These were Perspex Barely There Heels from Public Desire, I’m not sure how much they were, but I know they were under £20. They go so well with my dress, if only they were comfortable.

To round up this post, I would like to say that I’m so grateful for everything that has happened in my 20’s and I aspire for more growth this year to come. I also must give warm thank you to everyone who showed me so much love on my birthday and my girls who organized a lovely brunch!

PS: Excuse the disarrangement of my pictures in this post, I’ve had so many technical difficulties with this, but I had to get it out there, so I hope you understand 🙁

“Become The Best Version Of Yourself !”

Canary Wharf

Perspex Heels Public Desire

The Real World, I’m Ready For It !

So where do I start, the university has been a whirlwind of experiences, laughs, drama, breakdowns and love… but I need to start by breaking this post down into a few sections because it’s that real! Lool I joke, just making it easier for you guys to read.

First Year

So where do I begin, the first night of university was quite a shock for me as I moved in and my parents had left. I felt a bit homesick lol, shocking because I thought maybe I would enjoy just having this freedom. But honestly, I was literally in my room alone and didn’t know what to do with myself. I felt a bit overwhelmed. I then rang my parents to see if they got home (lol I probably just missed their voice TBH, jk haha). I then mentioned, I’m just in my room I don’t even know what I’m going to do I don’t know anyone or have any tickets to go the fresher’s events lol.

My dad was like Bose just go out and have fun, enjoy yourself you need to mingle and meet new people. Lol now at this point I was shocked because that’s something I’ve never expected my dad to say but I was like really? and he was like yeah don’t stay cooped up in your room, make some friends. I ended up sitting in my room thinking what the hell am I going do, I don’t have tickets. Then someone knocked on my room door. Saying aren’t you coming out tonight it’s Fresher’s and I was like no I didn’t buy any tickets for the UV party. She was then like, oh I’ve got a spare one if you want, you have to come. (Shoutout to Micah) Long story short I got up and got dressed wearing a terrible outfit because I didn’t want my nice clothes to get dirty in UV paint.

It turned out to be a decent night. Although I wasn’t keen on the music. Anyways moving on (because I can go on for days). so yeah first year was a breeze I met a lot of people made loads of friends, chilled, drank a lot, found out my limits and became HELLA CONFIDENT! Lol (I emphasize this because anyone who knows me knows that I was such a quiet bug during secondary and college days).

Studying wise, I found it significantly hard to come to terms with the change in academic work. I didn’t really understand the structure of essays or even exams, plus they made us do a mixture of different subjects like accounting, international business etc. all in one year pilling up 6 exams at the end of the year, but its all good because I got through it in the end.

Second Year

The second Year was a year of responsibilities and understanding people, whilst learning about myself. It started off by moving into a student house with three lovely people Lizzie, Micah and Audrey. We became so close as we all grew a love for blogging and YouTube. We all wanted to pursue the same things so it made more sense to move in together. I can’t stress how important it is to know the people you move in with as it will be a drastic change of your life and you will be living with them for the whole academic year.

When I mentioned responsibilities, I meant that living independently can be a major strain on financial, social and academic experiences. You find that if your finances aren’t in check you will face a lot of hardship during university. Let me be real and say we had a few disagreements in our house because of bills and stuff. But I believe that it was all part of the process to learn how the real world is.

It has taught me how to live and adapt to many different situations at once. I also became very distant and anti-social towards a few friends I made in the first year because my grades weren’t amazing and I really wanted to do well. So, I would leave the house at sometimes midnight to study, do coursework and try my best to keep on top of things. I was also working a part-time job at every opportunity I could, just so I could afford to buy things that I loved occasionally.

At this point, you would probably think I got the hang of things academically. This was not the case. I was still trying to hit those A’s but hardly ever did, I was so confused by some of my grades and would ask and try to understand the feedback given by lecturers, but it was honestly just useless.

The university really failed to reveal everything they required from the first year, they were so laid back with everything!


Third & Final Year!

It gets to the third year now and boy is everything just catching up to me… I started having serious lectures talking about dissertations in the first week and a couple weeks later, introducing exam practice questions.

In every lecture, I was so annoyed, I was just saying “Erm why are they just letting us know of this now” … anyways, I advise anyone to do their own research into anything academic when tackling essays or exams because you will benefit more in the earlier years of your course rather than realizing in the final year.

Because I became so anti-social and to myself, I noticed that I started to drift away from a lot of people because I wasn’t ‘Clubbing’ or ‘Raving’ as often. This was hard for me because I wasn’t used to losing friends or having that sort of burden. My degree was my element in the third year and it became my hobby apart from blogging etc. I just wanted to do well!

When I look back now it was such a depressing and upsetting state because I would just cry in my room, thinking have I done something wrong, have I offended anyone. I just always blamed myself for people drifting from me.

But what I do understand now is that I have made friends that have understood those times and when it was hard and would hide my feelings so It doesn’t bother anyone. When I would wake up and act like nothing upset me the night before and go to the library to write those extra words for my dissertation.

And Guess What… It paid off!

Seeing that A on my dissertation result brought so much joy because I had never worked so hard in my life! Never would I think I would receive such a grade for a huge percentage of my degree.

Then graduating on that stage with a Second Class Honors!

I’m still so thrilled and now I have the world to look forward to. I advise anyone who goes to university, to have that drive to pursue anything they want, even when it feels like the world is turning against you, YOU HAVE GOT THIS AND DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU CAN’T MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I’m at a place where, I love where my life is going…but I’m looking forward to where I’m going to be, where exactly I want to be.

I’m constantly yearning for more opportunities and achievements. I want to be doing what I love (even though I’m not even certain of what that is yet) and being creative. I’m looking for something that will motivate me to continue working hard every day and seeing results and happiness on people’s faces if possible when I’ve made an impact one’s life.

I’m all about networking, meeting new people going to workshops that will inspire me. I just want to be there right now, but I know its a process and I’m waiting and working hard to eventually get there.

Sometimes I feel like I’m so hard on myself even though I’ve just landed myself a good degree and I have worked so hard these years. But I’m willing to be uncomfortable to reach that point, no matter how hard it is. I may not be there right now but I will be soon and I’m so ready for it.

Hope you gathered a thing or two from this and I pray that you all have an amazing journey for yourselves…

“You have got this and don’t let anyone tell you can’t make it happen”

Just A Little Thought …

So I have come on here right now on a random Monday evening casually thinking of different things, having various thoughts running through my head/mind. Listening to my ultimate fave artist Jhene Aiko – While We’re Young. I’ve been thinking of doing a slightly different post for a while now. Ive had such an extreme year, which has taught me a number of things and lessons. Ive had ups and downs that have made me who I am today. Lost a couple close people, been in situations where I wanted to be totally disconnected so I didn’t have to face or deal with certain situations. It was the hardest thing ever. I don’t think my character and personality has been tested so much on so many levels. The only thing that kept me going was being distracted by so much university, work and the gym. Which has done me well TBH! LOL as I’ve achieved a 2:1 overall in my degree and a whopping 1st class in my dissertation.

Some people have asked me how did I manage to do it and I tell you, I actually don’t know. Like, there were so many ups and downs during my degree. I’ll have times where I’m upset and I just couldn’t be asked to write 100 words out of 9,000. I think my motivation was really just telling myself to get out of my room in the ‘Unhappy’ mindset I was in and just pick up my books and study.

So I’d head to the library as that was the only place I will force my mind to keep at it. My supervisor was alright, but she didn’t give me all the advice I needed. It was more like I had to read between the lines lol. Although, I’m so grateful for what I achieved. Another motivation tip for me was, watching motivational videos like Brian Tracy, TD Jakes, Marie Forleo and some others. (If I remember I’ll update this post) They really helped me to stay on top of things. I also believe in channelling the energy that has brought you down to pick yourself up! For example, having a good nights sleep after a rough time or day and waking up early, having breakfast, doing your makeup or something to make you feel better and heading straight to the library.

Like even though so much has happened, I’m grateful to be alive, to be moving on with life and finally understanding and appreciating what I have now. It’s sometimes hard to be happy and content with things when everything feels wrong. But I’ve learnt that being grateful is everything and you slowly begin to appreciate more even when things are tough.

St Lucia really changed my perspective on life, after seeing my grandmother who has been ill for years. It really sank in that there is more to life than stressing over everything, its uncontrollable for you to be able to have everything perfect and that is fine. Everyone learns differently at different times and in different situations. I could go on forever, but I hope you kind of get what I saying here Lol

I’m honestly proud of all the achievements I had made this year even though the year hasn’t even ended. I’ve really come a long way with myself and I’m incredibly glad to have created an amazing platform to share this with myself and others. Its still in the growing process but I know it will get there. Some of you may know that I used to have a blog in my first year of university, which gained over 1,000 views in 1 and half years. It was a big achievement for me because I constantly saw it growing. However, I wanted more and I wanted Better! Sadly I came to the conclusion of deleting that blog and starting over hoping to create a brand new, professional layout and design. My content was limited, mostly fashion. Which I do like, don’t get me wrong. But it wasn’t everything to me. I wanted to incorporate, food, beauty, lifestyle and most importantly Travel. Anyways Long story short. I created this, which I absolutely LOVE. My own domain and my own layout! What an achievement!

Lastly, I would like to thank my friends, most of all for motivating me and supporting each other through everything, because we all started somewhere and now we are all doing what we want to do, moving up! They also have blogs, you should go check it out:

Benedine <3

Micah: http://www.micahalee.com/

Lizzie: http://www.lizzieoladunni.com/

“Channel the energy, that has brought you down to bring yourself up!”

St James Club Morgan Bay Resort, Saint Lucia

Diamond Waterfalls

Hello Everyone,

Its been the longest time and I sincerely apologise…

As some of you may know I have recently flown out to one of my home countries ‘Saint Lucia’. My mother is Saint Lucian, raised in such a beautiful island. I’ve taken a few trips down there before but never have I experienced it as much as I did this time around. The experience was beyond my expectations and far from what I could have imagined. I was able to share this with my family and my lovely boyfriend, which was our first holiday together, so we were pretty excited as this was like a reward from all the stress we have been put through in university.

We stayed at the beautiful St James Club Morgan Bay Resort in Choc, close to the capital – Castries and the town Rodney Bay. The package we went for was all inclusive as we didn’t really want to spend so much money elsewhere, on food and drink. This had its pros and cons, as we realised that we wanted to try different food other than in the resort, which we did eventually did, but not to the extent we wanted. However, the pros outweighed the cons because we enjoyed waking up in the morning and having the option of trying up to 6 different restaurants in the hotel.

They even had a coffee shop! This was another great feature as it reminded me of Starbucks (which If you know me well, I absolutely love!). I was constantly having hot chocolate, ice tea and frappuccinos (UNLIMITED)! I was so addicted, hence why I put on so much weight lol!

Luckily, they had a range of activities to keep active and burn off those calories after you eat. From a tennis court to gym, to yoga, water aerobics (you name it!) they had it all!

The first week was full of fun packed activities:

  • Watersports: Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Tour Boat Ride, Snorkelling, Water Skiing and the Amazing Banana Boat.

  • Sulphur Springs: which is commonly described as a mud bath where you immerse yourself in sulphur from the volcano! As you can see in the picture below (Don’t worry it doesn’t erupt, it has been inactive for many years lol)

  • Tour Boat Ride: the tour took us to the most amazing attractions within St Lucia even to a new resort called Sugar Beach, is one the most expensive resorts on the island. Which was then followed on with snorkelling and heading to Diamond Waterfalls, topped off with a cute brunch in one of Soufriere’s Mountains. The boat ride was organised by a company recommended by the hotel called ‘Joy Cruise‘ They definitely gave us the time of our lives by accommodating us so well, from brunch to having rum punch on the boat which eventually led to a super fun boat party!

The best bit of this excursion was jumping off the boat in the middle of nowhere. I finally faced my fears and swam in what I call the deepest part of the ocean.

I would definitely recommend utilising as many excursions as possible to keep active every day. Our trip was filled with activities to the point where a lay-in was impossible, we were up early from 7/8 am every day. The resort also provides unlimited access to water sports as it is inclusive in your stay. The only thing we paid for was jet skiing (which was also worth the thrill).

Another highlight was the Groselet Street Party (Jump Up) every Friday night. This was so fun as they played a wide range of different music, with food and drink stalls alongside some live entertainment. It was quite interesting to experience, as we got to the party and get down like the locals, almost like a mini street carnival. There were also quite a few tourists so you wouldn’t feel intimidated or out of place.

The hotel usually has entertainment going on every night which consisted of live bands (who were actually pretty good), karaoke and the most popular, beach party on a Wednesday night. The Beach Party was another highlight to this trip as I’ve never experienced such an event before. It was beyond beautiful. The bonfires on the beach with a sunset view while you eat, drink, dance and enjoy the vibe. It’s definitely one not to miss when staying at the resort.

Most especially I can’t miss out the spectacular sunsets every night at the hotel’s private beach. I can’t even exaggerate, I’ve never seen a sunset so beautiful in my life lol!. To see this, head over to my Instagram, I posted while I was out there!

Beach Party Bonfire

Overall, you can tell that I had a swell time at this resort and would recommend it to anyone when visiting Saint Lucia as it was worth every penny we paid. We absolutely loved it. I didn’t get as many pictures as I wanted to of the resort itself, but I hope to put out some more content on this trip soon. This has been quite a long post but I just thought that I would share some of my experiences with you whilst on my trip. There are more posts to come so be sure to stay tuned and keep posted!

Outfit details:

Khaki Swimsuit – H&M

Sunglasses – Primark

African Print Dress – Somewhere online, my mum bought it for me

Sandals – Primark

Ruffle top – H&M (last year)

Shorts – River Island

Converse – Primark