About me

Welcome to my blog,

How to pronounce my name – Bose (Boss-seh) Fayodeka (Fa-Yaw-Dey-Car).

My blog is my baby, my first born child haha. Birthed in 2014 at styledbybose.blogspot.com.

I started off with fashion and beauty blogging but after finding myself and understanding my true passion and what I enjoyed most, I eventually decided to venture into something more authentic, true to myself and my passions. I rebranded and removed my previous blog and started bosefayodeka.com in 2017/2018. Deciding to take a route in food and lifestyle.

Which you can now see through my recent content. The aim of my blog is to capture and inspire interests in food and lifestyle, incorporating the things the enjoys most. This does not shy away from my fashion interests or even travel, but to create a platform to inspire different experiences and cultures, whilst documenting and capturing the moments of my adventures. Please feel free to explore and engage with me. Additionally, you can contact me directly for any questions, promotions, collaborations, business enquiries and more…

Stay Tuned…

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