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Welcome back to my new blog!

After what felt like a long wait for me to transition and change the layout. I finally made it happen. As some of you may know over the period of no blog posts, I have been keeping consistent with producing content on my social media channels. It actually helped me find myself a bit too. Sometimes, we all need a break and a chance to start at fresh. Over a few months, I found one of my true passions, which is cooking and all things food. I’m a foodie at heart and I never thought it was something I loved so much until I truly discovered, how passionate I was in my element. Which was simply, making a meal or going out to eat and being in awe of the presentation, as a result of wanting to take as many pictures I could to get the best shot.

I knew I loved cooking since university, but I never thought It was something I was passionate about or would even develop. Now I have great big dreams of a career in Food. I recently incorporated videos and created my new YouTube channel based on food and lifestyle videos. So stay tuned guys – Link to my youtube channel

In my last post I promised you guys I would do a Food Guide, so I will be doing just that…

In July, I travelled to Amsterdam to celebrate my 22nd birthday and obviously as the foodie that I am. I visited a few different restaurants and was eager to try out some of the staples I had been seeing on the gram!

WYERS Restaurant – Lunch (Day 1)

On the first day, we arrived just after breakfast and decided to stroll around the town and explore all the different shops, hangouts and place to visit. Whilst doing so we happened to find one of the restaurants, on our list of places to visit, Wyers Restaurant. This was recommended in KikeAj’s vlog (thanks for that sis! lol) I must say the interior design was gorgeous! I could just imagine how beautiful it would look at night for a cute dinner date or special occasion. I managed to take some cute pictures of the terrace that I might insert somewhere here:

Overall what were my thoughts on the food? Well, I wish I didn’t get the hot dog tbh. It was too spicy for me and way too filling. Ideally, I should have got the burger as that looked way more appetising. But I previously heard a lot about Dutch hot dogs and how nice they are so I thought it would exceed my expectations. The worst thing is, I didn’t even finish it either :/ Most times, I prefer to stick to what I know, to be honest, but I was feeling quite adventurous that day.


Food: 5/10

Service: 7/10

Comfort/Environment: 9/10


Churros are dotted around the place in Amsterdam so make sure you try them out. we found a cute place in town where all the big shops like Primark, H&M etc were. If you do go to that part of Amsterdam make sure to look out for this sign in the picture! The CHURROS were amazing!


Hard Rock Cafe, Amsterdam – Dinner

The Hard Rock Cafe has always been on my list of places to visit! I have never been to the one in London but I thought why not experience it elsewhere first. So we did. We decided to get the Jumbo Combo Platter. When they said “JUMBO COMBO” they really weren’t lying, because this platter was huge! We were going to get a main and possibly even dessert but this topped it off. The onion rings, chicken wings and strips, were so delicious but its a shame there wasn’t enough of it. The spring rolls and bruschetta weren’t nice in my honest opinion, it tasted very dry and weird flavoured. Not my cup of tea. Everything else was great. The service was amazing, our waitress was so welcoming to the fact that we were tourists, recommending us a few hotspots and top places to visit if only I remember her name. One of the team members also took such an amazing picture of us both which I will insert below =D

Our incredibly huge onion ring stack!

Myself and Benni =D                                     Me being indecisive lol


Food: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Comfort/Environment: 7/10

Mook Pancakes – Breakfast (Day 2)

Mook Pancakes was a blast of an option for breakfast. As recommend again on social media as one of the hotspots to visit when in Amsterdam. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience. The pancakes were incredibly fluffy and topped off with unlimited maple syrup which is handy when having fluffy pancakes. I went for a mixture of berries on mine as I’m not too keen on bananas at times. The service was very welcoming once again and also very accommodating to my blogger needs haha! To accompany such great tasting pancakes we ordered fruit teas, which we actually thought they were ice teas loool, then realised they were “hot” tea. Which were great tasting too! I must comment on the great music choice they played. A variety of hip-hop, RnB was also very fitting whilst enjoying such a lovely breakfast. My overall experience was lovely and I would definitely visit again!


Food: 8/10

Service: 8/10

Comfort/Environment: 8/10

Sir Adam Hotel – The Butcher – Lunch

The hotel which we stayed at had a restaurant. Due to us being very full we decided to have a cocktail and chicken wings. I must say they were really good! The cocktails were strong and refreshing! The presentation was lovely too! If you know me well I’m quite particular with the presentation of food. The service was pretty simple as we didn’t order a whole meal.


Food & Drinks: 8/10

Service: 6/10

Comfort/Environment: 7/10

and that’s all folks!

I’m sure there was plenty more to explore but we didn’t have much time, so this is all we managed to get up to! I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to comment if you visited or will visit any of these restaurants or if you enjoyed this kind of blog post! =D

Love from, Bose xo

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