Bold in Blue – Amsterdam Travels


I can finally say that I’ve celebrated my 22nd birthday and what an eventful week it has been. Took a spontaneous trip to Amsterdam, Netherlands 🇳🇱 for the first time. It was a short break but so worth every minute of it! I was able to come out of my comfort zone, be independent and organise a trip of my own. I have always gone on holiday with my family and never experienced a holiday without them. It was very new to me, having to remember my passport and the responsibility of planning my own trip. But it was an experience I certainly loved to embark on.

This year has been full of ups and downs, but most of all building my confidence and embracing what I love and feel passionate about. I discovered that I love food, I have a passion to keep creating content around it and hopefully to do more travelling and showcase a few places to eat around the world.

This year has made me bold within myself and also the outfits I choose to wear. The outfit I chose for my birthday is a visual representation of my personality, bubbly, outgoing, fun, spontaneous, visually inspired and creative. Have you noticed the primary colour coordination Red, Blue & Yellow! I love it because it complimented my skin so well!

If I haven’t expressed enough, my favourite colour has always been blue and it hasn’t ever changed. This outfit made me feel so confident and completely flattering for my figure. Paring this outfit with a Red lip from sleek makeup was one of the best decisions I made as it tied in so well with the “bold colours” look I was going for.

Ideally I wanted to name this look “Primary Colours” as that is literally what it is. Haha! One of of my favourite looks to date and I won’t at all be surprised If I wear the same outfit again soon.

Outfit Details

Playsuit – Boohoo on – (£25)

Slides/Mules – New Look (£8.99)

Red Lip – Sleep Matte Me (£4.99)

Hair – LeModa Hair Aliexpress (Price depending on lengths)

My whole outfit didn’t cost a whole bomb and wasn’t at all uncomfortable which I’m very happy about as my goal was to just be relaxed and comfortable for this whole trip and my birthday. ASOS has been my go to as of recently for shopping, as I collect points whilst I shop, which calculates up to a voucher after a certain amount of points.

What did I love the most about this outfit?

The way it expresses me as a person, the way I felt free and less restrictive in flowy clothing. How pretty and flattering the frills are around my thighs and the fact that I wore some of the brightest colours I’ve ever worn in my life for my birthday celebration.

What have you learnt from being 21?

I have learnt to live everyday with a positive mindset, have faith in God through all I might face. Never live a dull moment, haha. Take the L’s and move on. Focus on yourself and watch yourself flourish like you’ve never seen before.

What plans do you have for the coming year?

I have plans to do more travelling hopefully if universe permits me! I have plans to create and embark on more opportunities for myself career wise. I really want to network more and potentially work with people on my blog and other platforms.

What would be your most fulfilling goal/reward this year?

Personally, financial stability. Let’s be honest we all need a bit of cash to do what we really want to do. I’m definitely one to really worry about finances, having it all figured out and being able to save up for emergencies. So ultimately I would like to work on increasing streams of income in order to fulfill and achieve everything else I need and plan to do.

I thought it would be great to make this more interactive and feel more like a conversation rather than be blabbing on about my outfit etc, haha. I hope you enjoyed reading and stay tuned for my next Amsterdam post about FOOD! 😀

Feel free to leave anymore questions down below and I’ll answer them Or email me and I’ll answer them in my next post!