It’s been a while and long overdue a post. I like to write posts that come to mind instead of thinking too hard on it. I find it comes across more naturally. In today’s post we will be discussing a big insecurity of mine and why I struggle to create content around fashion sometimes.

Ever since I started blogging in 2014, I always thought I would be a successful fashion blogger who slays every outfit she puts on. I used to be so into fashion Inspiration on Pinterest and all that jazz, even tumblr before all these other blogging platforms came out. That’s where it came from. Time went by and I kept blogging about fashion and style on my old blog ( which no longer exists. I started to drift away from it and became very inconsistent. Soon became a idle blog because I wasn’t proud of it. I needed a whole new layout, template, name, vision etc

So, in 2016 I created this new platform and I knew I wanted it to incorporate some sort of fashion and other stuff too. I’ve never really spoken about it but. I’ve always been insecure about my body shape and my bust size. I’ve always looked at myself and thought I’m just “top-heavy, big boobs. Small hips, not in proportion”. It has been a long hard struggle and still is a struggle to understand what suits my body and my shape. It’s one of the things that demotivates me, when it comes down to creating fashion content. It’s strange as most would say… how can you be insecure of something so many people aspire/pay to have. That’s true, but have you noticed how most brands are creating so many styles of clothing that tend to suit women with smaller busts or a smaller upper body.

To be honest these days I just feel like, It’s either my outfit looks way too casual or way too much. Because I struggle to find inspiration or dress according to my shape. Also, the fact that most brands are catering to tiny boobies or below “D” cups makes it so much harder for busty women to even embrace their bodies and all their curves. You’re probably thinking “why don’t you find inspiration from other people like you?” That’s the thing it’s so hard and rare to find. I mean the only people i’ve seen who are similar to my shape is Kezia Eniang & Devin Brugman (even her abs I’m still trying to aim for lol).

I think the point I’m trying to make is that I’m still trying to understand my shape and my style. It’s constantly changing and I’m trying to adjust and see what trends suit me and what don’t. On this occasion, I found this cute yellow off the shoulder number in a boutique in North London called “Miss Bardot” for only £5 and the Paperbag trousers from H&M for around £20 that I absolutely LOVE, because it cinches in my waist. As of recently, I’ve really been drawn to everything yellow as I feel it really compliments my skin tone and makes my outfits look put together on days where I don’t wanna try too much.

There are so many styles and outfits I would like to experiment with but I just know they won’t fit or suit my body shape, for example those cute bralets and cami bodysuits that everyone wears *cries*. However, I’m learning to love and embrace my body as it is, in what I feel most comfortable wearing.

I would love to know your thoughts on this topic and I’m open to new ideas or tips you may have and what you do to find outfits to suit your shape, drop them all in the comments and we can have a discussion! 🙂

Love From,

Bose x

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