Bill’s Restaurant

I have been meaning to try out this restaurant for quite a long time and I finally did.
Having decided to treat myself to a good meal with one of my really good friends, I always saw it being mentioned on someones Instagram (Lizzie Loves & Estaregrams) and thought why not give it a shot.
It was so cute and intimate inside, perfect for a date night setting. I visited the branch in London, Victoria which had very beautiful features. It was quite small inside, which I wasn’t really expecting. The bar area was gorgeous, with many plants and rustic elements. I didn’t get to sit at the bar this time around, but maybe when I visit again I’ll let you know how their cocktails turn out. The menu had a range of different types of meals from salads, pasta, vegetarian and vegan options, but I couldn’t resist a buttermilk chicken burger with sweet potato fries. It was unbelievably tasteful and filling! My friend opted for the BBQ ribs and fries, which looked succulent and well marinaded (Need to try it next time)


Service – 7/10
Food – 8/10
Atmosphere/Venue – 7/10
Prices – One Main meal (approx. £10 -15)

Burnt Toast Cafe, Brixton

Burnt Toast Cafe is one I’ve heard of but never tried. A suggestion from my best friend and was definitely a place I would visit again. I really enjoyed the vibe and the atmosphere from the staff, they were so friendly and welcoming. We decided to sit outside as it was a really nice day to soak in the sun and tuck into a nice meal.

We decided to go for french toast and pancakes, mainly because we didn’t want to choose the usual full monty breakfast. We also heard a lot of reviews about their pancakes which looked delicious (Shoutout to Lydia Dinga’s vlogs). My french toast was so good, bearing in mind, I don’t usually eat French Toast (I was very surprised by how it turned out) The pancakes were amazing best pancakes I’ve tried to date. I have previously been to The Breakfast Club and tried theirs but this one by far topped my expectations! It was definitely worth the try if you visit.

Being the hungry, greedy foodie I am, I decided to have another look at the menu because the previous meal was so good! I wanted to try another meal. So I opted for a BLT sandwich. To say the very least, It was absolutely Bomb! I know its just a sandwich, haha – but it tasted really good garnished with rocket leaves (you would expect lettuce for BLT, which I was kind of confused myself, to be honest) certainly not your usual BLT.

Food – 9/10
Service – 9/10
Atmosphere/Venue – 7/10 (very cute, but a tad bit small, although it is in a market)
Prices – Under £20 for the two meals!

Farm Girl

The name ‘Farm Girl‘ reminds me of a country-like, cute, rustic setting with a lot of unique features. It definitely did live up to its name. As the queues were so long we were itching to eat, we sat outside in the alleyway entrance section they had. It was a very unusual venue, which made it a tad bit difficult to find. However, it had a lot of vintage elements to it and quirky pieces of furniture and plants, which made it look very summer picturesque.

As I do, I went for pancakes once again but the Apple Pancakes, (something a tad bit different this time). I must say it was nice, but not the best, I’ve tried. It became very dry and savoury after a few bites and lacked flavour. Also, the white toppings are coconut, which I didn’t realise came with it until it was ready.

My friend tried their Acai Bowl which I had a taste of but then again I don’t really like the taste of too many bananas so It wasn’t for me really. I would say the negatives were: the flavouring of the pancakes and there not being a wide selection of choices on their menu.


Food – 7/10
Service – 8/10
Atmosphere/Venue – 7/10
Prices – Approx. £17-18 for my drink and meal

Thank you for reading, I know its been quite a while since my last post, but a lot has been going on recently. I hope you enjoyed the combination of all the content I have picked up in the last few weeks and I hope to bring some more fashion and food posts very soon!

Let me know in the comments, If you got a chance to visit any of these places and how you found it, or alternatively mention some other’s I should try and review for you!

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Till Next Time…

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