I beg to differ…

There are some people who really appreciate food and different cultures. I’ve come across a lot who that say “eating out is a waste of money”, “why get a takeaway, when you can make food at home?”. Okay, I guess in some cases you can save your coins, but there is no harm in treating yourself at least a few times in a month, everyday is when you’re overdoing it, but hey, some people love that lifestyle.

For me, that’s not the case, but everyone has their own opinion I guess. But there are a few benefits of having a cheeky take out.

  1. You get to experience different cultures and tastes of food.
  2. You get the inspiration of trying new things with your own food at home – this is a big one for me because I love to cook, so trying new food and experimenting is my favourite part of dining out.
  3. Apart from the “insta-grammable” pleasures of dining out, its gives a sense of treating yourself to a good meal and being served at the same time.
  4. Food brings people together!
  5. Lunch Deals!! If a restaurant you have wanted to go to for a while, is way out of your budget or you just want to get a good discount on the dish you’ve been eyeing for while. Try opting for a lunch deal, if the restaurant has one.
  6. Make use of HAPPY HOUR, you could get a drink that costs over £10 (normally) for the price of £4/5 or just half price.
  7. If you’re a foodie like me, trying new restaurants is basically my hobby. Food is everywhere, you don’t necessarily have to visit a restaurant but there are so many food markets, food stalls to also try which can be inexpensive. (Sidenote: I’m yet to visit a Christmas food market this year, to see what the hype is about, I’ll let you know how that goes).
  8. Eat, dine and drink as much as you want and don’t feel bad about it! (Just make sure you kill those calories off later with whatever suits you!
  9. Spend wisely, start off small, with restaurants that are easily affordable and work your way up to the expensive ones, or if you like save up to treat yourself to the lavish, 5* meals! 💕

I’ve always heard of Ping Pong, but never knew what kind of food they served. I thought it would be something like Thai or Japanese. I decided to try it out with a friend whilst we were catching up and spending the day, Black Friday shopping. This was a lovely way to end our day of shopping because we managed to get a good lunch deal which included a starter, main and a drink for under £20! The portions were incredible ! I was so satisfied with the whole meal that I couldn’t even finish the noodles I ordered.

Meal Details

Starter: Crispy Duck Spring Rolls £5.35 (My favourite) – If you love Crispy duck pancakes and Hoisin Sauce you would absolutely love this bite.

Main: Chicken Sa Cha Noodles £8.45 – This was really nice and filling but it could have done with a bit more spice, (that is very rare coming from me) since I don’t really like hot/pepper dishes, but this one was certainly missing something.

Drink: Passion fruit Lemonade £3.35 – This drink was amazing! So tangy but beautiful with the passion fruit syrup. It definitely quenches your thirst and leaves you wanting more, The amount you get for the price is brilliant too!

Overall, would I recommend this restaurant? YES, Certainly! It was definitely worth my coins! The portions were beyond my expectations and the price points were fab! I would rate this experience an 8/10. Mainly because the main I ordered lacked some flavor but everything else was great, including the customer service!


Love From, Bose

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