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in Food  •  November 8, 2017

Today I share with you an event that I was so happy to be invited to thanks to Bloggers Are Us. It was a lovely time meeting and discovering bloggers just like myself in such a peaceful but warm setting. We were able to attend a cosy little restaurant in the heart of Chiswick called Annie’s Restaurant.

It was interesting and unusual being in a different part of London. I have driven past the area before but never got to spend time there. I really enjoyed visiting the area. Its quite serene and very cottage/vintage like with cute shops and cafes (Not the best at describing but you get the drift).

(Oh yes, apologies in advance if my pictures are a bit grainy. Most of these shots were taken on my iPhone 7.)

I ordered a lovely Full Monty Traditional Breakfast with a Mimosa/Bucks Fizz (Champagne with Orange Juice), Yes I was drinking at early hours of the day! LoL, it was lovely though. I would say that everyone’s meals looked absolutely delicious and the portions were extremely generous. As you guys know, I love food so my face lit up when I saw my plate coming to me. I would definitely recommend if you are in the area. Its a great setting for brunch or cute little dates with friends or a special someone.

For me, it was quite far, As it is based in West London and I’m from North London. So I guess I’ll only be visiting again when I need to. Chiswick is a beautiful area though, so if you happen to be there, take a walk around and discover. Wish I got the chance to do a bit more exploring but I had worked on that day.

I met some amazing bloggers which I will try to add into this post below. It was certainly lovely engaging with people who have similar intentions and minds to you. We played a few games which I surprisingly happened to win by guessing John Boyega in Star Wars, Lucky me won an extra goody bag Haha. Bose can’t say no to food now can she!

In these lovely goody bags were a few treats from:

Candy Kittens:


Vieve Drinks:


Ape Snacks:


Be Sure to check them out as they have wonderful vegan bites and snacks you may love. I was quite a fan of Candy Kittens Vegan Sweets.

I’m proud to say that I really enjoyed my time at this event and hopefully looking forward to attending more. They are having a Christmas Edition if any of you #bloggerminds are interested check it out here:

From BloggersAreUs:

“We are really keen on making it bigger and better than last year. We are also raising money for Young Minds, who raise awareness and support mental health in children and young people. We would love for you to join us!”


(Oh and just to inform you, this is not sponsored or anything. I just love and support the cause!)

Bloggers Instagrams! (As Promised)









Love From, Bose x

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