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I’m so excited for this post, I’ve always wanted to share my food experiences with you guys. I love fashion, travelling and all that good stuff but I love food so much. I love to cook as well which is why, I think I love trying out various dishes. Although eating out can really shatter your bank account if you’re not careful, I believe that its a worthwhile thing, if you are one to take risks and try new things. Trying new food is one of the things that inspires my cooking and what I feed my body.

I don’t know about you but I get so bored of eating the same thing over and over again. So today I’m gonna feed you guys with some of the things I have used to get a great deal out of my money and dining out for less. Here it goes…

How to have a three-course meal on a budget

So I had been so eager to take myself out to eat somewhere new just had no clue where and how to find a deal for a three course meal. But never had the chance to or never knew where to find the best deals for them. It can be hard to dine out when you’re on a budget, but fret no more! I have have found two sites where I have come across some good deals.

So, I’m guessing everyone and their mums know about Wowcher and Groupon, well yeah, that website that you can get deals for almost everything. Yep, you’re right. Well they also have restaurant deals where you can sometimes get a meal and a drink included for a great price. On this occasion I opted for a nice South African meal at Shaka Zulu and Let me tell you! , it definitely hit the right spot. Everything was just so mouthwatering.


I love cocktails and our meal came with one which was awesome. I had to purchase another one myself because they where so good. But one thing I would criticize was the fact that it didn’t have enough alcohol. They were really sweet and pretty much tasted like juice.

If I remember correctly I ordered the Secret Forest cocktail for my meal and the one I purchased included rum and passion fruit but I can’t actually find or remember the name of it but I’ll try to insert a picture. They were both so nice and refreshing, but definitely could of done with some more alcohol.

Shaka Zulu Cocktails , Secret Forest


Peri Peri Wings with spicy tomato sauce – It was really succulent and seasoned impressively well, great portion as well, I didn’t have it with the sauce on the side, I asked for ketchup instead. I’m just not a fan of creamy sauces lol.


The BBQ wings with Peri Peri fries – Again this was very succulent, well seasoned and the portion was amazing, I couldn’t even finish it all because I wanted to leave room for dessert.


Melktert – If I am correct I think that’s what its called. I’m not one to get desserts whenever I eat out mainly because I always tend to see desserts that contain so much chocolate (which i’m clearly not a fan of, but we’ll save that for another day) . But this dessert was so BOMB! I was amazed, it was recommended by the waitress. I have to be honest, I was a bit scared because of what its called, but it was so delicious. It had quite a fruity but creamy texture to it. In my opinion it definitely mimics a cheesecake. (If you know me, I absolutely love cheesecake)


It was truly one of the best meals I’ve had and so filling. I really would recommend visiting this restaurant once at least when you’re in or around London (Camden Town, to be precise)

I have included the link to the deal here, if you’re interested:

Some other sites where you can find restaurants for reasonable prices or just some dinner date inspiration for a cute date with your girls, a fancy night out with the lads, an intimate evening with bae or even just a special occasion, are all listed down below:






Hope you enjoyed this one and be sure to share some restaurants you have visited, which you would recommend! Or let me know if you tried out Shaka Zulu !=D

Love From,

Bose x

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