The Nude.

in Fashion  •  September 25, 2017

On days, weeks or months where you’ve been feeling so ‘bummy’ and not in the mood to get that face beat or put on a cute outfit, this was the day that made the transition to feeling good again.

I think every girl goes through a low moment where they just don’t feel themselves, anxiety is kicking in or you’re simply just stressed out. I made it a plan to find an evening where I could actually get dressed up and take some good pictures for once. I feel like I’m always rushing when I’m out so I barely get to take as much outfit pictures as I want when I do make the effort to look good.

I always feel good in a cute little dress, whether it’s flaunting my collarbones with a Bardot style or showing off my legs. This nude number did just that! Complimenting my skin, legs and collarbones. I have to be honest its quite hard to find dresses or tops for figures like mine. Because I’m larger chested always tend to opt for loose-fitting things because I feel most comfortable in them. But this one worked out pretty well, although finding the right lingerie for this was so hard! I just opted for Adhesive Nipple covers in the end, which did absolutely nothing :(. Luckily I was carefree on that day so I didn’t mind much about how my body looked.

I purchased it a while ago in the H&M sale and it’s literally been sitting in my wardrobe waiting for an occasion. Its great quality with an incredibly soft material. I would say that it can be quite see-through, which you can clearly see as my nipples are saying hello to the world.

I decided to wear it on a girly night out to dinner and a few drinks. It’s a free-flowing Bardot dress that complimented my figure well, I don’t have much of ‘coco cola’ shaped body so dresses like this give me that illusion of it.

I paired it with some heels from New Look. They are a pink nude colour, which went so well with the look I was trying to achieve. As of recently, I’m more inclined to wear block heels because of how comfortable they are I don’t usually wear heels often but when I do I make sure they complement my outfit nicely.

I would have included the links to these pieces here but they aren’t in stock anymore. However, I would recommend looking at Missguided, PrettyLittleThing and New Look for something similar.

Hope you enjoyed this little OOTD.

Outfit Details:

Dress : H&M

Shoes : New Look

Accessories : Primark

Love From, Bose

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