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As some of you may know, I’m Born in the month of July, 21st to be precise. You’re probably wondering what star sign I fall into, well I’m a Cancer lol, (yeah, I know I’m not a fan of the whole cancer thing myself ha-ha lol). Where do I start? Being 20 was an eye-opener in itself. I learned a lot transitioning from my teens.

For my 21st, I anticipated having a party to celebrate all my achievements this year and just to have a good damn time. However, the whole planning idea of it got really overwhelming for me and eventually, I just gave up and decided to go with the flow, or whatever happens that day.

Turning 21 has made me deal with a lot of challenges that you normally face being an adult, but I think I really underestimated what they could be. I’m still learning although, I may not be perfect everything happens for a reason, which I’m yet to find out…

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I thought I’d fill you in with my birthday activities and what I got up to. I was literally just going to ‘Wing it!’, however, my girls insisted that I did something at least so they managed to arrange, afternoon tea at The Hilton Hotel in Canary Wharf. So, we ended up getting rather dolled up and shooting for our blogs and having cute brunch in the heart of London. If you know me I cannot resist food so I was really looking forward to this as it is one on my bucket list.

Our experience at Hilton was exquisite, the waitress was so kind and acknowledged that it was my birthday. We had a three-tiered tray of Sandwiches, Desserts, and Scones with a selection of different teas. I had a whole tray to myself ha-ha because there were only three of us. I could even finish it as it was a portion for two people. You do get a good value for money though. However, the sandwiches were quite plain and every dessert was too sweet so you get a bit put off if you don’t have too much of a sweet tooth.

They gave me a slice of chocolate cake with a ‘happy birthday’ on it to celebrate my birthday, of course. It was cute, although I’m not a fan of chocolate lol (yeah, I know, weird, right?). Overall, I had a lovely day out and would certainly spend some more time at the Hilton Hotel (maybe a Spa next?) ha-ha lol.

My outfit was inspired by my holiday, I had a dress I planned to wear in Saint Lucia but never got the chance to. It’s a lovely dress, so elegant, flowy and comfortable. It ties in great with my style because I’m starting to love loose fitting pieces as opposed to very fitted items. As I think it makes my figure appear more flattering. The Pros of this dress was that I ordered it from eBay! Amazing right and guess how much? … £10 YAS lol. It’s amazing I just stumbled across it on the hunt for some Boho inspired summer dresses (preferably, off the shoulder). Now they sell the same thing in New Look for over £20.

My shoes were ever so unfortunate because they killed my feet that day. It was one of the ones, where you just have to wear it for like 5 minutes to get a picture and change into flats straight away. They look ever so pretty but aren’t worth struggling in. These were Perspex Barely There Heels from Public Desire, I’m not sure how much they were, but I know they were under £20. They go so well with my dress, if only they were comfortable.

To round up this post, I would like to say that I’m so grateful for everything that has happened in my 20’s and I aspire for more growth this year to come. I also must give warm thank you to everyone who showed me so much love on my birthday and my girls who organized a lovely brunch!

PS: Excuse the disarrangement of my pictures in this post, I’ve had so many technical difficulties with this, but I had to get it out there, so I hope you understand 🙁

“Become The Best Version Of Yourself !”

Canary Wharf

Perspex Heels Public Desire

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