So where do I start, the university has been a whirlwind of experiences, laughs, drama, breakdowns and love… but I need to start by breaking this post down into a few sections because it’s that real! Lool I joke, just making it easier for you guys to read.

First Year

So where do I begin, the first night of university was quite a shock for me as I moved in and my parents had left. I felt a bit homesick lol, shocking because I thought maybe I would enjoy just having this freedom. But honestly, I was literally in my room alone and didn’t know what to do with myself. I felt a bit overwhelmed. I then rang my parents to see if they got home (lol I probably just missed their voice TBH, jk haha). I then mentioned, I’m just in my room I don’t even know what I’m going to do I don’t know anyone or have any tickets to go the fresher’s events lol.

My dad was like Bose just go out and have fun, enjoy yourself you need to mingle and meet new people. Lol now at this point I was shocked because that’s something I’ve never expected my dad to say but I was like really? and he was like yeah don’t stay cooped up in your room, make some friends. I ended up sitting in my room thinking what the hell am I going do, I don’t have tickets. Then someone knocked on my room door. Saying aren’t you coming out tonight it’s Fresher’s and I was like no I didn’t buy any tickets for the UV party. She was then like, oh I’ve got a spare one if you want, you have to come. (Shoutout to Micah) Long story short I got up and got dressed wearing a terrible outfit because I didn’t want my nice clothes to get dirty in UV paint.

It turned out to be a decent night. Although I wasn’t keen on the music. Anyways moving on (because I can go on for days). so yeah first year was a breeze I met a lot of people made loads of friends, chilled, drank a lot, found out my limits and became HELLA CONFIDENT! Lol (I emphasize this because anyone who knows me knows that I was such a quiet bug during secondary and college days).

Studying wise, I found it significantly hard to come to terms with the change in academic work. I didn’t really understand the structure of essays or even exams, plus they made us do a mixture of different subjects like accounting, international business etc. all in one year pilling up 6 exams at the end of the year, but its all good because I got through it in the end.

Second Year

The second Year was a year of responsibilities and understanding people, whilst learning about myself. It started off by moving into a student house with three lovely people Lizzie, Micah and Audrey. We became so close as we all grew a love for blogging and YouTube. We all wanted to pursue the same things so it made more sense to move in together. I can’t stress how important it is to know the people you move in with as it will be a drastic change of your life and you will be living with them for the whole academic year.

When I mentioned responsibilities, I meant that living independently can be a major strain on financial, social and academic experiences. You find that if your finances aren’t in check you will face a lot of hardship during university. Let me be real and say we had a few disagreements in our house because of bills and stuff. But I believe that it was all part of the process to learn how the real world is.

It has taught me how to live and adapt to many different situations at once. I also became very distant and anti-social towards a few friends I made in the first year because my grades weren’t amazing and I really wanted to do well. So, I would leave the house at sometimes midnight to study, do coursework and try my best to keep on top of things. I was also working a part-time job at every opportunity I could, just so I could afford to buy things that I loved occasionally.

At this point, you would probably think I got the hang of things academically. This was not the case. I was still trying to hit those A’s but hardly ever did, I was so confused by some of my grades and would ask and try to understand the feedback given by lecturers, but it was honestly just useless.

The university really failed to reveal everything they required from the first year, they were so laid back with everything!


Third & Final Year!

It gets to the third year now and boy is everything just catching up to me… I started having serious lectures talking about dissertations in the first week and a couple weeks later, introducing exam practice questions.

In every lecture, I was so annoyed, I was just saying “Erm why are they just letting us know of this now” … anyways, I advise anyone to do their own research into anything academic when tackling essays or exams because you will benefit more in the earlier years of your course rather than realizing in the final year.

Because I became so anti-social and to myself, I noticed that I started to drift away from a lot of people because I wasn’t ‘Clubbing’ or ‘Raving’ as often. This was hard for me because I wasn’t used to losing friends or having that sort of burden. My degree was my element in the third year and it became my hobby apart from blogging etc. I just wanted to do well!

When I look back now it was such a depressing and upsetting state because I would just cry in my room, thinking have I done something wrong, have I offended anyone. I just always blamed myself for people drifting from me.

But what I do understand now is that I have made friends that have understood those times and when it was hard and would hide my feelings so It doesn’t bother anyone. When I would wake up and act like nothing upset me the night before and go to the library to write those extra words for my dissertation.

And Guess What… It paid off!

Seeing that A on my dissertation result brought so much joy because I had never worked so hard in my life! Never would I think I would receive such a grade for a huge percentage of my degree.

Then graduating on that stage with a Second Class Honors!

I’m still so thrilled and now I have the world to look forward to. I advise anyone who goes to university, to have that drive to pursue anything they want, even when it feels like the world is turning against you, YOU HAVE GOT THIS AND DON’T LET ANYONE TELL YOU CAN’T MAKE IT HAPPEN!

I’m at a place where, I love where my life is going…but I’m looking forward to where I’m going to be, where exactly I want to be.

I’m constantly yearning for more opportunities and achievements. I want to be doing what I love (even though I’m not even certain of what that is yet) and being creative. I’m looking for something that will motivate me to continue working hard every day and seeing results and happiness on people’s faces if possible when I’ve made an impact one’s life.

I’m all about networking, meeting new people going to workshops that will inspire me. I just want to be there right now, but I know its a process and I’m waiting and working hard to eventually get there.

Sometimes I feel like I’m so hard on myself even though I’ve just landed myself a good degree and I have worked so hard these years. But I’m willing to be uncomfortable to reach that point, no matter how hard it is. I may not be there right now but I will be soon and I’m so ready for it.

Hope you gathered a thing or two from this and I pray that you all have an amazing journey for yourselves…

“You have got this and don’t let anyone tell you can’t make it happen”

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