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So at the time, I really wanted to blog and share my experience of going to Benihana for my 20th birthday. (But my blog wasn’t ready) It was actually such a lovely experience, I remember it like it was yesterday. From a long time, I had been wanting to try out this restaurant, I just loved the feel of being entertained whilst dining and also seeing my food prepared in front of me. I also love me a bit of oriental food! I must say it was definitely worth it!
I opted for a Chicken and Prawn Hibachi, best believe this was so good and I was actually quite full up. I couldn’t even finish it. The chef prepares your food in front of you and dishes it on your plate. He was literally cracking jokes the whole time as well!

The waiters and waitresses were so nice and humble. There was no problem with the service at all. The food was a 7/8 out of 10 (just because I wish they gave more prawns LOL. The service overall was 10/10. They brought me a cute little cake and sang me happy birthday. That guy in the picture above was the one cracking the most jokes for us all. I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for a nice atmosphere to have a good dine and entertainment at the same time.

Hands down it was a great brunch and start to my birthday celebrations. My dress was from Boohoo and shoes were actually from Missguided but I got them from Schuh! For a bargain of £10. My outfit was the hardest thing to choose TBH. I literally didn’t have a clue of what to wear and didn’t wanna buy anything new…so I opted for wearing a dress that I hadn’t worn before. Which surprisingly looked more flattering than I imagined (considering that it was chosen last minute). Also, because I was just going for lunch I didn’t wanna seem too over dressed. The dress was one out of my comfort zone, which I loved because it turned out well and kind of gave me a fairy vibe with the fluff at the bottom of the dress Haha.


To wrap up my birthday antics, my boyfriend and I with a couple friends headed out to a Shisha bar in Greenwich called North Pole.  It was a nice end to my birthday as I got to cut the beautiful cake my mother made for me. Thanks Mum!

A shoutout to my friends who attended my brunch and to my boyfriend for making my birthday end on a special one. Surprising me with my birthday cake that I forgot LOL. Only me to forget that haha. Anyways, I hope you guys guys enjoyed this one and I’ll catch you in my next one!

Bose x

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