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Erm so here’s me on the 19th of March in bed thinking of my next post.

So I thought I would incorporate something a bit different into my blog. I’ve always loved writing from a young age. Doesn’t necessarily have to be story related but something I feel or on my mind at the time. I remember when I first had a Blackberry Bold, I utilised the memo thing so much that I had a phone full of writing and thoughts.  I wish I could find some of them because they were actually pretty good, for my age If I say so myself, haha. I was also an eager beaver for writing stories when I was in primary school and loved english lessons! I used to give my parents my stories to read that I would just write for fun. Telling myself I might become a writer or a journalist LOL… Little did I know I’d end up in a marketing degree.

Anyways, recently I have been pondering on the life I’ve lived so far and how much has changed, how I’ve matured as a woman and also being an independent university student in my final year, GRADUATING (By God’s Grace) Hella Soon!. Everything is catching up with me and I’m wondering what the next step is. I want a steady career, a good income and hopefully my own place at some point. Although, now I’m really understanding that university was quite a long haul of learning without the practical side of things. I see myself as a more of a Do-er, practical and visual learner than one who is passive and just listens.

As you can probably tell I’ve blabbed my way through, about how overwhelmed and excited I am about finishing university. But let’s get down to the real stuff!

The 20 things I’ve learnt at 20!

  1. If you want to pursue something you will go out of your way to do it!

  2. Exercise is key! Any form of fitness and keeping active is so good for your body and mind.

  3. There will be down times at unpredictable moments, where you’re thinking “WTH just happened?” , “Why am I going through this?”

  4. Make the most of your time, be productive! (I for one know how hard this is but it’s so fulfilling once you get the hang of it)!

  5. Take time out if you need to! Treat yourself, pamper yourself, meditate and reflect

  6. Money Comes Money Goes… It’s sad but its the truth you always plan for things, when you know you’re getting money, but you end up wondering where it all went

  7. Everyone’s path is DIFFERENT, DON’T compare yourself. It’s hard, I know I struggle with this all the time on social media, especially Instagram (which I tend to delete sometimes) and snapchat… Im still yet to one day convince myself to go on a Social Media Detox.

  8. Understand yourself, “what do you like?” & “what do you dislike?”

  9. Talk to people, network! This is so important for learning and finding new things and opportunities, sometimes even relating to people that may be going through what you’re going through.

  10. Overthinking leads to nothing and unnecessary worrying and anxiety.

  11. People come and go out of your life and that is completely fine. PEOPLE CHANGE, LIFE CHANGES… don’t you hate it when people say “You’ve Changed you know”… loool like did you expect me to be the same person I was when I was 16.

  12. The ones you love can still hurt you (Its not all roses!), because you are the closest to them they are comfortable with you and trust you, so their best and worst sides will show, but you honestly end up still loving them deep down.

  13. Drink more water! I’ve always tried my best to drink enough water but now I just can’t get enough!

  14. You are not boring if sometimes, having fun is being at home, Netflix & Chilling 

  15. Don’t disclose everything to everyone, not everything is to be shared, people have their own secrets too!

  16. When you feel down, get slayed and look good for YOURSELF!

  17. Worry about yourself, make the decisions that you can live with… What doesn’t kill you actually does make you stronger lol!

  18. People will always judge or have an opinion (It’s Inevitable) on what you do and thats fine but at the end of the day its your choice.

  19. My favourite line of all time…..DRUMROLL PLEASE! – Expect the Unexpected!


Bose x

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