Spring Is Around The Corner…


Hey Lovelies,

I’m back with a new post for you guys! As you can probably tell the clue is in the title. Spring is around the corner and I’m Slowly preparing myself for it! I’m excited to try out new colours and mixing and matching the items I already have. This was a random impromptu shoot after a long day at uni.

That day was rather warm so, I decided to wear a light flowy cropped shirt from the Miss Selfridge sale a while ago, paired with plain black high waisted jeans from H&M. These Jeans are super comfortable and affordable, will definitely be investing in a few more. Although it doesn’t have any pockets it fits so snug on my body. I’ve had some very uncomfortable high waisted jeans before, that literally make me feel like pulling them off but these are just great and lightweight!


My top was a little out of the ordinary and something I wouldn’t usually wear unless I’m headed somewhere formal. But I somewhat love it because it gives off a sophisticated formal look which I’m trying to achieve.  It’s lightweight and could easily be worn with many things like a flowy skirt or blue denim jeans! Definitely a must-have. I will be looking for more shirts like this one.

Oh, I forgot to mention, It is semi-cropped, but it is not too much of a crop that you need to worry about your belly showing. Sometimes, I really hate crop tops as I feel like I don’t have an option but to have my belly out even when it gets slightly chilly outside. However, this a perfect cropped shirt that doesn’t let off too much skin.





Finally, My all-time favourite ankle boots, from River Island. I picked this up a few months ago, these boots are my go-to casuals. They are super comfy and perfect for winter. It has a velvet suede feel to it with a gold zip panelling. I’m looking to wear and feature this a lot more over the springtime as they seem like a nice piece to wear for spring. As promised, I wanted to have another post for you guys, so I hope you enjoyed this one and look forward to speaking to you again soon!

Bose x

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