Skincare Regime

So, I took a random walk to my local Superdrug store looking to find a few bits and pieces for my skin (most importantly my face). I came across a sale in their facial wipes, which i ABSOLUTELY love to take off my make-up at the end of the day. I also came across one which had micellar water in it. I was very happy to find this as i wanted to purchase the Garnier Micellar water (Which everyone has been raving about!). I do love a good product for my skin and i think these wipes do a great job in removing all my make-up inculding my ever so tough waterproof mascara and eyeliner!

I also came across some new facial wash which Ive been wanting try for quite a while now. I have used it quite a few times now and They are both amazing for the skin, as they both amlost do the same thing. I use the Daily Energising Gel in the morning and the Charcoal Scrub at night. I am impressed by the results of both of these products as they make my face feel smooth and clean afterwards. I prefer scrubs to normal face washes, because i love the feel of microbeads as it makes me feel like my face is being exfoliated thoroughly. I normally use my rotating facial brush or my hands to apply these products then use warm water to wash it off. After, exfoliating and scrubbing my face thouroughly I go ahead and use the Garnier Moisture Matte lotion. I love this product becuase it feels like a primer and completely helps to set my make-up nicely (as I dont really have a make-up primer).


 I also came across a great 3 for 2 sale at Superdrug in their face masks an me being me had to obviously buy 6, just becuase they are only a £1 each. I love these as they leave my face feeling ultra cleansed and detoxifyed after a long day/week of wearing make-up. Sometimes I prefer not wearing make-up so this face mask helps me to feel confident in my own natural skin.

I really enjoyed creating this post for you guys and showing you my skincare routine. I hope you collected some great tips to use on yourself and contiune to take care of your (Very important) Skin!

Thanks Loves!

Bose x

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