New Beginnings…

in Lifestyle  •  March 12, 2016

Welcome to my blog!

“Start wherever you are and start small”

– Rita Baily

I’m finally ‘IN with the OLD, OUT with the NEW’, coming in with my new blog has been daunting, exciting, stressful and contemplating, basically a mix of emotions. For me, when I initially wanted to start a blog I imagined it as being perfect, the perfect camera, perfect layout, perfect platform and a blog name that I would never think of changing. It has taken a lot of thought time and effort to finally find a platform that works for me thanks to my best friend MAGGIE! (Love her to bits). Anyways, being a student and having to juggle my studies with other social aspects of my life, I really wanted to start blogging as soon as possible so once I came across my platform I slowly began something of which I can now call my own.

I love that I can dedicate my time to this alongside university and this is definitely a work in progress, where I will be bringing to you my own discoveries on the key things that I love: Fashion, Food, Lifestyle and Beauty.

As you can probably tell, there isn’t much to see at the moment but I’m definitely going to feed more into my blog, as time goes by. I will also be showing you more of my personality through my posts and expressing myself in many different ways, which may benefit others. Please feel free to drop me any comments or messages that you may have about my posts and information you would like to know.

 I hope you will be able to gather and be inspired by what’s to come, as I have been fidgeting for so long; contemplating how to start this. Here it goes, I look forward to growing and building my blog for you!

“Don’t wait until the conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”

– Alan Cohen

Love from, Bose